At The Boma we are committed to operating our business in a manner that maintains a balance between helping the environment and the community in which we live, while providing guests with a comfortable atmosphere to relax in. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the energy used to run the hotel, the amount of water we use, and the amount of waste we produce.
As a consumer, ultimately, it is the guest who makes a difference by choosing destinations and businesses that are committed to the environment.

Hot Water
We use solar water heaters for all the showers. This reduces the electricity consumption of the hotel drastically. Water is a scarce commodity in Africa; customers can help save water by spending less time in the showers. We also utilize a water catchment system enabling us to store rainwater and pump it into the main tanks when needed.

Water Catchment
We utilize a water catchment system enabling us to catch and store rainwater in separate tanks. We are then able to use this for gardening, or to pump treated water into the main tanks when needed during water shortages.

Drinking Water
Most hotels in Entebbe use plastic mineral water bottles; and these fill up landfill sites, and cause a lot of roadside pollution. We use large reusable 20lt Mineral Water Fountains, which we dispense into glass jugs (in the rooms and in the restaurant). This cuts out plastic water bottle waste 100%.

We exclusively use energy saving bulbs throughout the hotel to reduce energy costs.
Please help us reduce energy wastage by switching off lights, fans and TV’s when leaving a room.

Locally Sourced Produce
Where possible we use locally sourced fruits, vegetables and meats in our restaurant.

Home Grown
We home-grow most of our salad ingredients and a good deal of our fruits and vegetables, in our managers garden, about a 5 minute cycle from The Boma. We also compost organic waste from The Boma to make fertilizer.

Recycling Paper & Glass
We support Papercraft, a fantastic grass roots project that makes eco-friendly products such as our menu covers, recycled paper used in albums, note books and glass beads. They also make the hand-made soaps that we use in our guest bedrooms. All of our glass waste (wine bottles, broken glasses, jam jars) and all of our paper waste is taken to Papercraft and recycled. Many of the items in our craft-shop are from this source.

We use bicycles for running short errands to the shops, for delivering waste material to the composter, and for collecting fruit and vegetables from our gardens. Bicycles are also available for rental if you want to explore Entebbe in an environmentally friendly manner.